You know that feeling where fireworks could just shoot out every orifice of your body and shoot you straight to the moon? Cuz that’s what I’m feeling! I’m still in shock over how incredibly fun and exciting last night was. What an incredible journey this has been! Ann said it so well, “you want to live a life worth missing!” I will forever be grateful for allowing myself this moment with such sensational people and the raging support we received from family, friends, and strangers… I cannot thank you all enough for coming out. The stars of the show and my support team left to right Ann, Lali, Mike, Ali, and Lori… you inspired me with your love, encouragement, and even your heart wrenching stories. You’re all the most courageous people I’ve met. Thank you to Tess and Mick for holding this circle of comfort and trust. Thank you to every single person that came out to support us, to those that watched the Facebook live video and sent me pictures, and all those in spirit that shined with us. To my family and extended family who i am so hardcore proud to be apart of thank you for encouraging my unique spirit to thrive! We really couldn’t have done it without you.