OK, the cat is out of the bag! *gulp!* What am I doing?? I’ve always been uncomfortable and embarrassed to sing in front of others. I’d run the other way when someone mentioned karaoke. Why?? Because I don’t think I can sing and I never know the words to the songs! But, I love music and I wish I could sing. I attended one of Mick and Tess’ workshops and realized how important it is to discover one’s singing voice and to embrace it because it is part of our soul. Our voice helps us to express ourselves, is healing and helps us to be more in tune with our authentic selves. I signed up for their 8 week Breakthrough course and it has been a fun, inspiring, uncomfortable, at times, and overall impactful learning experience. The culmination of this workshop is THIS once-in-a-lifetime concert! I am not one to seek being the center of attention (nor being publicly embarrassed) BUT I am trusting my coaches that I would benefit most by inviting friends and family to support me on this journey. Sooooo, if you’d like to cheer me on during this concert on Sunday, December 3, I would love to see you there! At the very least, I believe you will have a wonderful and joyful evening because this is an amazing group of positive and supportive people. You will be uplifted by everyone around you!