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Music Medicine Session

Due to our surprisingly positive response to these sessions and appreciating the times we are in: We are now offering these sessions on a donation basis. We are here to support you and want nothing to be in the way.

In this time of uncertainty we feel called to offer music medicine sessions. Music shifts us on a cellular/ soul level and our own voice is a powerful tool for healing and releasing fear. In these sessions we will have a deep check-in and offer empowering coaching and voicebody sound healing releasing exercises. We will also prescribe a personal empowering song for you to embody, express, feel and sing.

We have been using music and songs as transformational medicine and vibrational healing for over 25 years around the country in our Breakthrough programs. And have developed a keen intuitive sense of how to use our tools to empower individuals to live a fearless magnificent life!

Each session will be 60 to 90 minutes on Zoom or by phone. Email or text us to book a session!! [email protected]

Private Sessions

Have an amazing coaching session with Mick You can get support in your singing, performing or whatever you feel your need. We can do sessions on Zoom also.

Two Hour Introductory Session

In this experimental play shop you will experience singing in a new way. Included, inspiring exercises, sound healing, deep feeling music, fully expressed singing and unique voice body processes to awaken your self-expression and ultimately free your voice. This event will open your heart, energize you and connect you to your inner brilliance. It’s also and opportunity to find out more about the other Programs Breakthrough Offers.

Breakthrough One Day Singing Workshop

In this profound and experiential day, we us a myriad of fun and unique modalities including emotional healing, therapeutic singing, music, dynamic voice- body movement, wild vocal expression, creative and spontaneous processes, and other exercises to open your authentic voice and your passion and aliveness.
And, it’s so much fun!

Breakthrough “Song of the Soul” weekend workshop

This new and exciting “Song of the Soul” Workshop promises to “Rock Your World”! A deep fun journey into your soulful creative essence where we will dig into that song inside you that’s just waiting to break out. Everyone can write songs when given the right space, coaching and music. Come be amazed as you open to the deep creative well inside you and see your song come forth into a live music sharing. Mick & Tess have been offering life changing programs around the country for over 20 years and this new weekend workshop is a powerful evolution of their work. If your feeling a pull to open more to your wellspring of magic, creativity and healing, come dive into your “Song of the Soul”.

Breakthrough 8 Week Workshop- A Musical Journey to Breakthrough Limitiations and Realize Your Potential.

Our voice opens up unexpected pathways to the deepest resources of our soul. Fully expressed singing is a transformational doorway – whether we think we can carry a tune or not. It allows us to release fears and traumas from our past and can be a surprising catalyst for cleansing and healing which will ultimately free our aliveness and joy. Breakthrough is an experiential program, therapeutic in nature, which uses songs and your authentic singing voice as “tools for transformation”.Breakthrough creates a safe, powerful container so your voice can actually shift you on a cellular level and lead you gently into a deeper connection with yourself, and, it’s so much fun! This exceptional journey of self-discovery prepares you for the “experience of a lifetime” the Breakthrough Concert~ where you will emerge on stage performing with a live professional Band, supported by an exceptional audience.

Breakthrough 2

Breakthrough 2 stands on the shoulders of Breakthrough 8 week. In this course, you end up singing 2 songs at the show!!!. A song journey to take you beyond, Then you write a song with Mick’s help to fully express yourself. This journey is profound and will keep opening what happened during the 8 week for you.

Breakthrough Open Mic

Drop in Workshop for Everyone, This evening will include Meditation, Sharing, Inspiration, Movement, Group Singing and everyone sings a song of their choice with the Microphone. You can bring in CD’s iPods, or Music Tracks. Each person will receive positive support and coaching.

A weekly Ongoing Drop in night with Mick and Tess Pulver. It is energizing and transformative it felt to sing into a mic Through the synergy and support of the group you can transform your emotional process by simply singing a song that matches your energy! Bear witness and be witnessed in this amazing process, as we grow together and individually.

“Visionary Voice” Corporate Seminars

An inspiring experience like no other, Breakthrough creates individual programs for corporate leaders, office groups and small businesses based on their unique goals. This program is the most entertaining and stimulating way to reduce stress through team building activities in order bring corporate or institutional groups together.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Increased self-esteem and awareness
  • Feeling more centered and balanced
  • Compassion for self and others.
  • Transformation of fear into courage
  • Personal power and passion
  • Healing unworthiness issues
  • Trusting self and releasing the critical mind
  • Renewed intimacy in relationships
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Authenticity and increased freedom to be
  • Relaxation and stress reduction
  • Opportunities to be seen, heard and valued

Benefits for Groups

  • Team Cooperation
  • Learning to support individuals at their level of growth and ability
  • Experience healthy techniques to release stress, fear & frustration
  • Building cohesion and trust within a work environment
  • Making the work place a vital and exciting place to learn
  • Skill building in memorization, motor coordination, and vocalization
  • Confidence building for marketing, publicity, & giving presentations
  • Morale building for teams under high pressured work conditions
  • Building healthy communication between Co-Workers

Expected Results for your Company

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Motivation
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Increased Willingness to take Risks
  • Increased Group Synchronization
  • Increased Sales and Marketing
  • Increased Personnel Stability
  • Increased Health and Well being in work place
  • Increased overall Professional Accountability and Reputation

Breakthrough Performance customizes our curriculum based on the needs of the company. This could range from a two hour mini workshop,one day  workshop or our full two-month program.