Dear Friends ~ Due to our surprisingly positive response to these sessions and appreciating the times we are in: We are now offering these sessions on a donation basis. We are here to support you and want nothing to be in the way. 
In this time of uncertainly we feel called to offer music medicine sessions.
Music shifts us on a cellular/ soul level and our own voice is a powerful tool for healing and releasing fear.
In these sessions we will have a deep check-in and offer empowering coaching and voice\body\ sound healing\releasing exercises. We will also prescribe a personel empowering song for you to embody,
express, feel and sing.
We have been using music and songs as transformational medicine and vibrational healing for over 25 years around the country in our Breakthrough programs. And have developed a keen\intuitive sense of how to use our tools to empower individuals to live a fearless magnificent life!
Each session will be 60 to 90 minutes on Zoom or by phone.
Email or text us to book a session!! 
Our Love,
Mick & Tess
PHONE: 805-450-1736
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