November 21, 2015

Get Emotionally Connected Through Music

Tess Pulver

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Music invokes a number of feelings depending on the rhythm, tone and lyrics of a song. Have you ever notice that whatever is your mood, you pick music that matches it. If you are anxious, you might pick something that is likely to calm your nerves. If you are angry, you will pick a song that will invoke your anger. If you are happy or in love, you might pick a romantic song. Music will invoke your feelings. Breakthrough Performance Workshop offers classes to help you explore your feelings through singing.

According to studies, playing classical music to your baby will make him or her smarter. The classical music also gives the baby comfort and is soothing, especially if the baby is fussy. Pediatricians recommend you not play rock music or anything with harsh sounds because they could harm the baby’s ears and make the baby upset.

It’s not an accident that children learn to read with Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss books rhyme and have a sing-song tone. You sound more like you are singing the book than you are reading it, but children learn best through the rhymes. In fact, listen to children’s music, and you will find that the songs teach letters, numbers, science, history and more through songs.

Why Is Music So Important to Learning?

Learning happens when we are emotionally connected. Music allows us to become emotionally connected to our bodies and spirit and mind. You don’t stop learning after leaving school. Adults can learn about themselves when they are connected emotionally to music. Finding the right song will allow you to learn about what you are feeling and give you peace of mind. Music will allow you to understand a difficult concept.

Lyrics – It’s the Song, Not the Singer

Each component of a song matters when invoking feelings. Lyrics offer power to the person trying to understand his or her feelings. They invoke big emotions. If you are worried about the bills and problems you are facing, you could listen to Bobby McFarren’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy. His lyrics talk about letting go of your worries. The problems will be resolved. If you want to get closer to God, you might want to sing a song from Church or listen to Gospel music where lyrics sound like a prayer. Before choosing your song, figure out what you are feeling at the moment, then, read lyrics and see the one with words that will support those feelings. You will learn something about yourself.


Tone – Songs Can Tell A lot

Like poetry, music has a tone. Romantic songs have a soft, uplifting tone. You will be happy if you are in love with yourself, a partner or the world. If you have broken up with someone, the romantic song might make you feel lonely or sad. If you want to let the wild rock star to emerge, you probably would pick the music that emits a partying tone. Find out what tone is best for how you are doing at the moment.


Rhythm – Sway to the Music and Get Connected

The rhythm of a song speaks to your body, not your mind. Pay attention to how your body moves to the beat of drum in the music. Slower songs will make your body move slower, more like a river. As the river travels down the slope, your body gets connected to the message the rhythm is invoking. Faster songs require more body movement. If you are having problems, you will want to listen to your body and find the rhythm that will help you work through the problems.


If you are interested in learning more on how music can get you emotionally connected, you should contact Breakthrough Performance Workshop, 805-450-1736.

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