FREE Breakthrough Singing Intro Workshop

November 9, 2017

FREE Breakthrough Singing Intro Workshop (Calendar View, Events)

Tess Pulver

November 9, 2017 - November 9, 2017

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Le Port Montessori School

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Come to this Fun, Interactive Fully Expressed Breakthrough experience with Mick & Tess Pulver, facilitators of Breakthrough Performance. This workshop will include: Soulful Group Singing, Chanting, Sharing, Dynamic Movement and FULLY expressed vocal exercises. You will feel uplifted, connected and your heart and spirit will open and feel divine.
Also, come find out what this empowering program has to offer.

“Such a fun experience in only a couple of hours, I felt elated and energized. I can only imagine how great the full Breakthrough Program must be”
Chloe Prent, Santa Monica, CA

” Singing with everyone was a highlight of my year”
Alex Frost, Santa Barbara CA