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Song of the Soul Weekend in Salem, MA

Breakthrough is coming to

Salem, MA  in September !!!


 Enchanting Weekend!!  Amazing how easily my Soul Song came forward!!
Mick and Tess so lovingly encourage
our voices to be heard. Sing Your Song”
Ariana D’Arrigo, Encinitas, CA

“Song of the Soul” Workshop  

Salem, MA  

September  11-12, 2021 ~ 1-7pm



This  exciting

“Song of the Soul” Workshop promises to “Rock Your World”! A deep fun journey into your soulful creative essence where we will dig into that deep desire\vision inside you that’s just waiting to break out. Everyone can write songs when given the right space, coaching and music. Come be amazed as you open to the deep creative well inside you and see your song come forth into a live music sharing. Mick & Tess have been offering life changing programs around the country for over 25 years and this weekend experience is a powerful evolution of their work.  If you’re

 feeling a pull to open more to your wellspring of magic, creativity and healing, come dive into your “Song of the Soul”.

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