November 6, 2015

Anyone Can Sing ~ Just Breathe

Tess Pulver

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When you begin any type of exercise, you are told to warm up your muscles. Most trainers will tell you to start your warm-ups with the breath. You should take deep breaths and gradually add movement to the breath. To be able to sing, you must do the same thing. You must warm up your vocal chords before you begin singing. This will ensure you get the maximum breath to reach the notes you want to sing.


Many people say they can’t sing. However, if you do breathing exercises prior to singing, you will notice a difference in the sound that comes from your mouth. You want to ensure you sing from your abdomen. That will give you the most power as you sing a song. Here are some breathing exercises you can try.


Lie on your back on a firm surface. Lie with your legs out straight. Rest your arms at your sides. Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale. As you exhale, let go of stress. Feel yourself pressing into the floor and make note of your body. Exhale ALL your air by pushing it out through your mouth.


In a slow, controlled manner, inhale through your nose, breathing into your stomach. Imagine a balloon under your hand on your stomach. The balloon travels through your chest to your nose and mouth. You must make sure your balloon is filled first. To be effective, you might want to visualize a string attached to the balloon in the chest and cemented to the floor. Your chest can’t move. Inhale your stomach and fill it completely with air. Continue breathing in and breathe into your chest, allowing it to expand to full capacity.


Exhale, letting the air go slowly through your mouth with your lips pursed. The air should come from the chest first and then the stomach. To help you accomplish this exercise, push out on your stomach muscles while exhaling. Continue to exhale and pushing on your stomach. Eventually, the stomach will begin to pull into your body. Exhale all the air. Do this exercise three to four times minimum but seven to 10 times is best. Then, relax and breathe normally. Try it first thing in the morning. Doing these exercises regularly will give you the power to sing. It has been proven by studies.


Besides helping you to sing, these breathing exercises also reduce your stress, increase your oxygen flow into your blood stream and help to improve your blood pressure. You might even lose weight if coupled with regular exercise.


Breathing is not the only exercise you need to complete to sing properly. You also have to wake up your pelvis and hip areas. You should do hip exercises, such as hula hoop circles of your hips and pelvis tilts of your tailbone. As you sing, you should continue to use your hips and pelvis and exercise them. This will ensure you get the maximum sound.


So, go try these exercises. Then, pick a song you find difficult to sing and see if you can notice a difference.


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