I began working and playing with Mick and Tess at my first breakthrough in 2003, and I’ve been singing with them ever since. The breadth of their wisdom, intuition, experience and heart have always created a space of safety and permission for authentic creative expression. In this session with them, they guided me in creating a simple, yet powerful personal music medicine to experience a deeper sense of living in choice, purpose and presence.
I’m deeply grateful for all the creativity and healing they bring to this planet!
~Shannon Ward, Los Angeles, CA May 16, 2020

I’ve joined a Breakthrough Performance Workshop that uses singing as a vehicle for psychological and personal transformation. As many of you know, I am NOT a singer, and never have been, so this is a stretch for me in many ways. I love that my teachers, Mick and Tess, say that emotions are energy, or Qi, and that we can release stuck or repressed emotions through singing.The workshop is a 2 month deep dive that culminates in a concert with a live band. You, my dear person in my life, have been invited because I know I will have the courage to step out onto the stage and deliver if you are there. With love and gratitude for your support,
Laurie Steelsmith, Hawaii

“I love Mick and Tess’s combination of musicality, personal growth, and spirituality. You are obviously both very gifted at finding, and bringing out the hidden inner voice of almost anyone, in a gentle, nurturing way.” Rodney Plimpton, The Villages, FL

“Mick and Tess’s Guidance, coaching, wisdom and dedication to me and the world . I can’t count the Breakthrough’s I have had and I will always be grateful. ” Corry Lang. San Diego, CA

” I am a different person now because of Breakthrough ” Korrosh Akhavan, San Diego, CA

The Breakthrough Program is a Journey of Transformation. By nature, it will help reveal all that stands in the way of Living a Bigger Life! This miraculous program taught me experientially, how truly powerful it is to allow myself to be Vulnerable and Authentic, while also bearing witness to the healing that occurs with the practice of deep and abiding Self-Acceptance. Combined with the Unconditional Love and Support provided by Mick and Tess and my Breakthrough Journey Mates, this is a recipe for the grandest success !It’s been two months since I complete the program, and I am experiencing so many benefits, apparent every day, as a result of my participation in Breakthrough. I am stronger, bolder, more courageous and virtually fearless about speaking up, speaking out, taking care of myself, and leaving other peoples’ opinions to themselves! ~~~ Colleen Patrice, 2018, Carlsbad, CA

” Thank you for a Wonderful and unique experience and helping me to break into this new chapter of my life. Feeling blessed to have done this Breakthrough 8 week journey. I appreciate the safe environment you create for everyone. Please don’t ever stop doing this. This work is GOLD.
I will carry the love and lessons I learned always. Sarah Murphy, 2017 Santa Barbara cA

“Just finished Tess and Mick’s Song of the Soul Workshop! I couldn’t imagine a more supportive, fun, challenging and deeply fulfilling way to explore and express the music and lyrics from our hearts and lives. No singing experience required… only a willingness to be open and to let our creativity flow. Transformational !!!! Sky Jennette, Temecula, CA

” I realized how important it is to discover one’s singing voice and to embrace it because it is part of our soul. Our voice helps us to express ourselves, is healing and helps us to be more in tune with our authentic selves. Breakthrough course and it has been a fun, inspiring, uncomfortable, at times, and overall impactful learning experience.” Deanna Dove, Oceanside, CA

” Mick and Tess have so much love, patience, and support through the process of Breakthrough. It was an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful. Julene Armstrong. Santa Barbara, CA

” There is so much love, kindness, guidance, intuition, positive support in this Workshop. You made it easy to surrender and trust the process, which wasn’t always easy. Thank you for this Gift. …. Barbara Wishingrad, Santa Barbara CA

” Mick and Tess truly enhance all the lives they touch. They truly orchestrated one of my more memorable events in my life. My life has been forever changed” Larry Lee, Santa Barbara CA

“Breakthrough exceeded my expectations, Their ability to identify and work with each person in front of you is astounding. You two really came through for us in this workshop and I’ve enjoyed watching your process as you guide each one of us, individually, to become our best selves!!!!! ” Mike Sward, Santa Barbara CA

” The Breakthrough 8 week Program was, clearly, a powerful change initiator for me! Good thing keep coming my way too! I am still reaping the benefits from my Breakthrough which happened 6 months ago.” ~ Cindi Clapp, Dunedin, FL

“Towards the end of 2015 my dear friend Monica introduced me to a new tool. It’s called Breakthrough. It is a workshop developed to help people of all backgrounds and levels of experience in their healing and personal growth through song performance. Since October 24th, the fabulous Mick and Tess Pulver have guided a group of nine seekers to greater understanding of ourselves, where we have been, and where we want to be. For someone who loves to sing and is actively healing and growing, this was a perfect fit! With the guidance of Mick and Tess, I have continued to learn to embrace trust in all aspects of my life. I have also become aware of a fear I didn’t even know I had: letting my true self break through the mask I tend to wear.”

~~ Rev. Niki Kissell, Bradenton, FL January 2016

“My heart is so full and Free and my soul is lifted by the Breakthrough Performance Program. ” Diane Vislesel, San Diego, CA

“Breakthrough was such a safe journey in which I discovered many new paths to who I was, and now feel more present, beautiful, and powerful~~~~ Slija Bjorklund, Encinitas, CA

” I got SO MUCH out of Breakthrough. This is just the beginning. There is a fire inside me and a new awakening I am very exited about life, myself and my spiritual journey. I’m so much more confident. This has changed my life in every which way.

~ Lis Moreno ~ Carlsbad, CA

” Breakthrough was a big risk. Every time I take a risk, God is showing up in me and is exposed in me. The dark piece goes away, and the light take it;s place, I love myself unconditionally now….What a shift. I feel I deserve. I feel a major shift in presence, self love and gratitude. ” Annie Reiter ~ Encinitas, CA

” I’m proud of myself. To do something I am terrified of, is profound. This was very scary, uncomfortable, and I did it. I have a lot of pride and I went all out and gave it my all. I was afraid, but did it anyway. I feel a lot lighter. I feel I let go of an anchor I have been dragging around. I’m feeling alot more with deep love and gratitude. Sharing through Singing is so unique. What a GREAT opportunity.”
~~~ George Johnston, San Diego, CA

” What I took from Breakthrough is a shift if how I embrace life. I live from my soul with deep gratitude. I’m less in my head and more in my heart. I see life from my consciousness. All of my senses are more awake and alive. I have stepped into the spiritual woman I am. ~ Eveylyn Mezquita ~ San Marcos, CA

” I am so grateful to have experienced the blessing you tow bring to the world. This beautiful program and the safe container you create allowed me to dig deep into the core of my being and unearth a beautiful stinging star. (Rock Star) . What an amazing experience.
~~~~~~~Beth Banning, Encinitas, CA

“I am not the kind of person who would ever consider signing up for a “singing” workshop. Quite simply, I knew I couldn’t sing and that was OK with me. I am too busy to get involved in something I can’t do. After doing the one day workshop however, I changed my mind. This singing thing had me feeling nervous, up against all kinds of old messages and uncomfortable feelings, at the same time it was FUN. As a therapist I am always trying to encourage my clients to enlarge their comfort zones so how could I refuse to enlarge my own?Especially when the presenters, Mick and Tess seemed so emotionally safe. And indeed they were. Throughout all this time, they have held a loving, welcoming space where I could fail, be cross, be silly, be whatever I was and it would be ok. During the one day workshop another therapist said she had had a client who had been through it and had been transformed by the experience. Well, I didn’t expect to be transformed but at least it was a new and rather scary challenge I felt proud to undertake. In the end, the experience was humbling and scary and joyous and risky and loving and much more AND it really was truly and deeply transformative! I cannot say how or why but I know it is. It also made me a better therapist. I feel I am more creative, freer, more open and I enjoy my work more. I know my clients benefit from this opening. I wish that we could do it forever but I am so grateful that I had the chance to do it at all. Living through fears and doubts, taking this trip, bonding with your group, supporting and loving and being loved and supported is really a magical experience. I wish it for everyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Susan Minus, Therapist, Encinitas, CA

“The Breakthrough Workshop was awesome!! Thank you, Mick and Tess, for all you brought to us… inspiration, support, creativity, fun, daring, authenticity, compassion, friendship, talent, expertise, safe place to grow, making dreams come true and LOVE!!

~~~ ~ Ariana D’Arrigo, San Diego, CA”

This was one of the most fun and deep (liberating!) workshops I have ever taken. 9 of us brave souls meeting weekly for 8 weeks, none of us performers, facing our fears of judgement, “not good enough”, and anxiety of being humiliated and moving into pure presence and “owning our voices”. I am so incredibly proud of each one of us and we all got so close. One woman in my group would burst into tears at first, fearing that she couldn’t sing (ever since being shamed by a teacher in High School), another couldn’t hold the microphone because she shook so hard. I voiced that I didn’t feel comfortable expressing any sexual energy in public when the Breakthrough Performance leaders first assigned me a sexy blues song…so of course they encouraged me to “break through” that! And I did! We all had our stories and we all were so brave and supported to stretch and own our voices and energy. We were encouraged to let go of perfection, performance, trying to “look good”, and face our fears. Such powerful work over the past 8 weeks, and fun to boot!” ~~ Belle Hazlehurst, Therapist, Encinitas, CA

“Breakthrough has been such a sweet journey (8 weeks) of moving through deep fears to become confident enough to sing on stage with an open heart, accompanied by a full band and even back up singers. Although I am nervous the excitement is growing and I know, for myself, this is a milestone! I recommend the course to everyone as it has been so profound!” ~~~~~ Magdalen Boyd-Wilson, Artist , Fallbrook, CA

“The loving facilitators, Mick and Tess Pulver intuitively prescribe certain songs as vibrational medicine, to sing in a safe loving container where any traumas within those resonant frequencies can be healed. This is a powerful process of awakening your innate singing capability, and more importantly, cultivating a more embodied, fuller self expression.”~~~~ Kevin Slocum, Yoga Teacher Encinitas,CA

“I am forever inspired for life in a way like I’ve never been. Breakthrough has opened the gets to seeing that my possibilities and potential is infinite. I feel beautiful, talented, and worth everything .Mick and Tess’s heart is hug and their soul is wise and generous.

~~~~ Chihana (Hawaii)

“Through Mick and Tess’s tremendous support, I have learned to sing confidently with love and enthusiasm. Having completed the 8 week program, my life has changed in a good way, more joy, presence and power.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~Ricardo (Hawaii)

This past weekend I attended a six-hour voice workshop with Mick and Tess Pulver. They have been doing work that empowers people by helping them find their voice for many years, and they’ve just moved to Encinitas. Their work is just incredible, and I want to highly recommend them I’ve done a lot of personal growth work over the past decade, but what Mick and Tess do is truly unique. The changes I saw in the people who took the workshop on Saturday was quite profound, and I had a couple of new insights myself. It’s also a lot of fun!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Judith Balian, Marketing, Encinitas, CA

What an inspiring time! . That was by far, hands down the most transformational experience I have had in years. I am so grateful to Mick and Tess and all my group. My heart has been so lifted up.~ Vishaka Devi Jokiel, Honolulu, HI

What an amazing night! At the beginning of the workshop, I never imagined I would actually be able to get up on stage and perform. I felt like a star. Thank you Mick and Tess for all your understanding and patience! You are both so talented in this arena and to put together a show of that magnitude! I am so grateful to all the Breakthrough Performers!~Cathy Kissel, Honolulu, HI

I am still floating! What a beautiful group of loving, supportive friends you are. To do something once thought impossible and to allow fear to flow into joy and creativity is an awesome experience. Mick and Tess have such a gift. Two gentle spirits that call out the very best in us to come out of hiding and bask in the Light is indeed a rare gift. I look forward to more!! Anyone with an open heart and a willing spirit will benefit tremendously from this experience. I have had many great experiences in my lifetime but this tops them all (except,of course, my reuniting with the love of my life)”.~~Robert Gore, M.D. Tacoma, WA

The Breakthrough Performance Workshop is a gentle yet powerful means and method for bringing forth our deeper potential. I’m deeply grateful to Mick & Tess for their wonderful wisdom, warmth, and grace in bringing it to me and to all of us. ….. Kaimi Nicholson, Honolulu, HI

Thank you seems almost inadequate, but I will always be grateful for everything you have done to help me reclaim my life. Your unwavering support, encouragement and love — tough love when necessary — is something I will always carry with me when I’m faced with life’s challenges. This has been a difficult process for me, but I now realize I no longer have to live my life in the dark. With an open heart and with both hands open, thank you.
~~~~~ Mark Batis, Honolulu

This workshop gave me the courage to try. This was a great opportunity for me to face my fear and breakthrough it with a lot of support. I feel lke I can express myself freely.~~~~~~~~~~~ Chihana Onozeki, Honolulu, HI

I’m doing Mick and Tess Pulver’s workshop .and it’s been one of the most powerful experiences of my life, forcing me to confront whatever there is in my life that’s been holding me back from being all that I can be. And it’s so much fun too! I can’t recommend it enough..~~~~~~~. Gary Surta Culver… Surta Method Bobyworker, Honolulu, HI…

~~~~Brova Mick and Tess-Thank you for all the beauty you shared with us this weekend. Your work will help the entire planet………and all that you meet can help you join in keeping peace inside ourselves and peace in our communities and planet. Here’s to singing our way to optimal health, happiness, fun, joy and peace.Musically, Joan Wehrman, Music Teacher, Hawaii

“I was literally terrified to sing in front of people. I didn’t think I could even make it through the workshop. By the last day of the weekend workshop I sang — out loud — with a live band. The best part is that I have been able to sing in class with my own acting students, this is really important and something I never could have done before.”~~~~~~Genie Joseph, Adjunct Professor, Chaminade University, Honolulu HI

” I’m looking forward to our next adventure. The last Breakthrough Weekend Workshop has most defintely enlarged my life. I feel more able to express softness and affection, not only to my family but to others as well. It brings me joy….Thank you for. What both of you do. It’s changing the world one person at a time. ” ~~~~~ Cathy Reed, Oahu, HI

This experience and process is one of the most transformative I’ve ever had. I am energized and expressive every day, and I feel deeply, with a creative way to let it out. Thank you for seeing me and sharing your amazing spirits. ~~~~~~~ Kelsey Burck, Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

Not only did the Breakthrough Performance Workshop open new areas of my heart, body,voice and spirit but our work together has beutifully shifted the way I see myself and the world. It’s like watching a diamond majically grown new facets that reflect the “beauty that surrounds us all”

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lisa Danhi, Santa Barbara, CA 2009

I haven’t had so much fun in years. Mick and Tess created a deep well of safe space that allowed me, and others, to dig deep and find a level of joy that has been eluding me for a number of years. Starting the weekend with eight strangers and ending the weekend with eight new family members is and will continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. It is plain to see and know that you both are very talented, grounded and loving. It’s as if you spun a cocoon around us all and warmed our souls with music to help us unfold into singing butterflies! Big, huge thanks and much love always.

~~~~~ Holli Adams, Healthy Home Market Community Programs Director – October 2008

“Something that evolved in my life while doing the Breakthrough Performance Workshop was living more authentically in every way. I have grown into a more fully expressed person and there’s nothing that can take that away. I am so proud of myself and had such a blast in the process”

~~~~~~Elle Palmer, Rock Hill SC

I have never been a singer. I have never liked my voice. But I have always loved music and felt that deep down music was an integral part of who I am. When I took my first Breakthrough Weekend in California, a window flew open – the light came streaming in. Suddenly my relationship to musicand singing changed. And it never went away after that. In fact, it grew. Then I took the Weekend again, here in Hawaii, and the walls came tumbling down. With Mick & Tess’ insightful, gentle, powerful support, and the incredible support of the group, I stepped into a larger, fuller, brighter Me — a musical, soulful, Yes-I-Can Me. And now at 54, I feel like I’m on a brand new journey.”

– Marcia Zina Mager, author, business owner

Having just completed the Breakthrough Performance Workshop, I feel reborn, and my potential to impact the world is renewed, recharged, and expanded! It’s like some caged part of my Spirit has been unleashed, and in some ways, like 10 years of therapy have been accomplished, with FUN, vulnerability, and deep courage–thus, BREAKTHROUGH!!–to personal transformation through finding my authentic inner voice! Thank you, Tess and Mick and Breakthrough Performance! “~~~~~Dr Steve English, Chiropractor, Charlotte, NC August 2008

How can I ever thank you for this gift. You helped spread my wings and find something hidden way in me. It’s been amazing and I will carry it with me forever.”~~~~~Teri Couch, Teacher, Charlotte, NC ~ August 2008

The Breakthrough Performance Workshop is one of the most fun, challenging, exhilarating, and opening things that I have ever done. Guided for two and a half months by the loving and powerful care of Mick and Tess Pulver, I explored myself from the INSIDE – OUT. By singing songs that stretched me in ways I did not even know I could be stretched, I went through an amazing discovery of my uniqueness, self expression, confidence, charm, and ease of being in the world. It got me connected with parts of my body, my soul, and my humanity that I did not even know existed. I left Breakthrough with a new found love of making music, of connecting vulnerably and intimately with others, a new-found love and understanding of myself, and a totally expanded view of how to pursue and express my dreams in the world. Do this program! IT WILL KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! “~~~~~~~~Raj Sundra, President, stopshiftstart.com ~ Santa Barbara , CA ~ April 2008

This is not karaoke. This is not Guitar Hero or some fantasy. Breakthrough is a real-life experience. It is you, mic in hand, singing in front of a live band and to an audience. You will be amazed at what you can do once you are in the care of Mick and Tess. As Mick says, “Go for it!”

~~~~~ Carl Young, Charlotte, NC ~ July 2008

Breakthrough was a rite of passage; it was an initiation; it was a rebirth. I was myself, but no longer the self that I had been. I had crossed over a threshold; I had reinvented who I was; I had given myself permission to change; I had joined the company of heroes.”

~~~ Mike Wolfe, General Manager, Advanced Products, Green Hills Software 2006

If you ever said “I can’t” in your life, a great opportunity To learn that “I can”

~~~ Annie Reis, Architect ~ 2006

Breakthrough is one of those things that catches you off guard. You go in thinking you’ll have some fun, do something a little scary, and go home in your familiar skin. Instead you find yourself running the rapids and carried way beyond your known boundaries. Then boom – you shed your old self like a snake skin because now you are a new person. But you are not stranded alone out there – you have friends cheering you on. You are shining light into each other and wondering how you can carry this amazing energy into the life you left. Later you find you are part of a larger family of Breakthrough graduates, and in this family, you rock! Several people in our weekend workshop said the only other weekend that compared to what happened here was the weekend they got married.”~~~~~Jill Littlewood, Littlewood Studios, Santa Barbara, CA April 2008

Believe me, the pleasure of the Breakthrough weekend, for me, cannot be expressed. It exceeded all expectations many times over. It also pushed me- in a good way- to do more than I thought I could. I think you created a monster!! I do notice that I am breathing more- and I am feeling a lot more confident overall.”

~~~~Dennis Aubrey, Business Owner, Oahu, Hawaii

The Breakthrough Weekend for me was an experience of personal growth, awareness, and transformation in an amazingly fun package! The support, confidence and trust I found in the workshop allowed me to let go, find my voice within and the “showman” inside of me! Give yourself the gift of doing the Breakthrough Weekend!”~~~~~Eric Wishan, Financial Consultant

Tess: Thank you for mirroring radiance. Your smile lights up a room, in fact it spotlights anyone you lay eyes on. What a beautiful woman you are!

Mick: Whatever channel you’re swimming in, you are blessed to have found your purpose. I believe that even if you never did another breakthrough workshop, your gift has multiplied 10,000 times, as the ripple effect, and will continue in ways you may never know. We are graced by your presence.
~~~~~~Laura Givertz, Owner, Fibula Jewelers, Santa Barbara

I consider my Breakthrough Performance a rite of passage. I was convinced I couldn’t sing, yet Mick gently challenged me and encouraged me to open to my fastness and claim my power. My life has been profoundly improved. ~~~~Ann Roberti ~~ Feldenkrais Practitioner ~~ San Rafael, CA

Breakthrough: Opens your heart, Calms your mind, Gets you back into your body, Frees your soul and boy is it fun. Mick weaves a special blend of magic that I haven’t found in 11 years of attending workshops.

~~~~Jacinta Tobin, Vice President, Business Development

Breakthrough is a fantasy come true. I learned that I have a unique voice that yearned to be heard and doesn’t have to be perfect. Breakthrough has changed by life by encouraging my true self to emerge into the light of self expression. It’s difficult to truly express my gratitude for all that my Breakthrough Experience has given me. I know I am a changed person,with more confidence in myself and more gusto for life! How could a person not blossom into more of who they truly are under the guidance and care you both provided? We were rewarded for our trust by your commitment to our growth. All of us changed in profound ways, and I moved from barely squeaking out a sound to a full-throated powerful woman on stage. It was one of the most fun and most joyous experiences of my life! I always felt safe in your home and in the loving space you created for each of us (no matter how difficult we became as we worked through our resistance). There is a reason your email address is “big embrace”;you embraced all of us a group and as individuals. From your love and support came the courage for me to change and expand. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity you both provided. Many, many thanks from the bottom of my heart!”~~~~~Mary Lawson -Learning Disabilities Specialist Santa Barbara City College

At first, the Breakthrough Performance Workshop looked like a crash course in how to free my inner Mick Jagger. I finally got it, that the workshop has very little to do with the actual singing and strutting of stuff, it has more to do with all that stuff that keeps us from singing and strutting!!

~~~~~Don Lattin, Journalist, San Francisco, CA

The Breakthrough Performance Workshop is a deeply empowering experience. I felt fully alive constantly crossing the edges of comfort and discomfort; stretching, growing, breathing, dancing and expanding into my new visions of myself. Watching the others in the group do the same inspired and motivated me to be all that I could be each moment. The community spirit, support and love that develops during the workshop is what you may imagine a perfect world community would be like.Mick and Tess create an environment of unconditional love, non-judgment, present moment consciousness and safety to step beyond your fears to feel your inner brilliance. Whether a whisper or a howl and everything in between you learn to honor your feelings of your true inner voice and come to know IS enough.” ~~~~ Marilyn O’Malley, Life Coach

Breakthrough Performance Workshop is gentle and personal. The support and love Is unbelievable~~~ Victor Rodriguez, Security Guard

This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I found my voice after many years of being afraid to be heard. I learned how to be with my fear, to use it, to ride it. It was powerful beyond words.”~~~~~~Lisa Levin, Graphic Designer

I am quiet and reserved, but I have another side I wanted people to see. What a breakthrough! The intensity and exhilaration of this experience will last a lifetime.”~~~~~~~Michael Moyer, Architect

Breakthrough coaxed me out of my shell and brought me safely to center stage where I was more expressive than ever before – a truly necessary process for any performer.”~~~~~Nicole Roberts, Singer/Songwriter

I was a guy who was convinced that I could not sing. The Breakthrough Performance Experience provided one of the most challenging, absolutely exultant and outrageous events of my life. I was completely supported to passionately express my creative voice. I did it, so I know you can!”

~~~~Max Poppers, Design Consultant

It was an opportunity that I will never forget – standing on a stage, singing in public, and most of all, presenting myself in an expanded way! With that breakthrough, I continue to be more of who I can be in the world.”~~~~~JoAna Gray, Marketing and Project Management Consultant

One of the most powerful and easily the most fun ‘personal growth’ workshops I’ve ever done. It launched me into my creativity in an amazing way.”
~~~~~Peter Santosh Lalor, Computer Consultant

! was given the chance to access and express the passionate musical part of me that had always been only a fantasy.”

~~~~Steve Fox, Venture Capitalist

I highly recommend the Breakthrough Performance Experience for all who aspire to be leaders and role-models, or those who simply want more.”

~~~~~~Sheva Feld, Ph.D., Psychologist, Corporate Consultant

I am a professional entertainer. I’ve always said I can do anything on stage except sing. In the Breakthrough Performance Experience I found my big, beautiful voice.”~~~~~~Louie Pearl (aka The “Bubble Man”), Owner Tangent Toys

Prior to this weekend, I would have much preferred jumping out of a airplane to singing in front of people – and that’s with or without a parachute! I discovered tremendous freedom to just be me.”~~~~Ron Migdal, Senior Systems Testing Technician

What a thrill! The Men’s Breakthrough Experience was amazingly cathartic and tremendously empowering. I feel unblocked, much more creatively alive. You must experience this!”~~~Chris Hurley, Landscape Gardener

Mick Pulver has exceptional facilitation skills, coaching experience and deep dedication to truly support every single participant on their healing journey. Every moment of the workshop I felt seen, heard and received with unconditional love. What a gift!”~~~~Diana Servan, Computer Programmer