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Rock and Roll Therapy

Breakthrough Performance workshop is a groundbreaking and electrifying singing workshop. Therapeutic in nature, this is an experience like no other. This unique program allows participants to channel the power of the voice to make transformative, life-affirming changes towards a fully expressed life.

Participants break through their fears, inhibitions, and self-prescribed limitations to find their voices and by extension, greater self-expression, individual healing, and personal power. Individuals and teams benefit in a multitude of ways including, greater communication, deeper connection to their passions, joy and personal power.

Mick Pulver, founder of Breakthrough, has been a professional musician since the age of 13. While on his own musical and self-expression path he has been a performer, musician and singer. He says, “While on this journey, I discovered the connection between performing, presence and singing. I found that the voice, particularly singing, is innately one of the most liberating forms of release and expression. Through Breakthrough Performance, I’ve had the opportunity to guide people in reclaiming this state of wholeness and giving themselves more permission to embrace their aliveness.”

The Breakthrough Performance Workshops were created in 1995 as a way to support others in using the voice as a tool for transformation, healing, and celebration. These Workshops are offered in various formats, ranging in length and intensity from the one day Breakthrough Experience to the 10-week “Off the Deep End” Graduate Workshop. Providing opportunities for people of all ages and singing ability to come together to express the essence of their souls and to support each other through the process.

In each workshop, Mick and his wife and business partner Tess Pulver, create an environment designed to encourage each person’s authentic, unique voice to emerge naturally. The participants shed layers of inhibition and self-consciousness to allow more and more of themselves to emerge in song. The workshops culminate in a live performance with the Breakthrough Band, which a majority of participants describe as one of the most thrilling experiences of their lives.

Breakthrough what holds you back with Ease, Grace and a Song!

Throughout the ages the voice has been utilized for healing, self expression, tribal ritual, and much more. Song is used during work, birth and death to foster connection as well as letting go. Some research even suggests that our own voice carries all the healing vibration we each need to come into complete balance. Anyone who can speak can sing. It is not about perfection it is about expression.

Breakthrough Performance Workshops use the voice as a tool for transformation and healing as well as celebration. In all formats from the one day- to the 10 week advanced course people of all ages and singing abilities come together to express the essence of their soul and to support each other through the process. A safe space is created which encourages each person’s authentic and unique voice to emerge naturally. Through group participation, support and the willingness to “take the ride” participants have the opportunity to see themselves and the world in a whole new way.

Self confidence and creativity are natural by-products of this process as is the ability to be more present in everyday life. As one participant so beautifully said, “Breakthrough gets you from the inside out.” When the voice is used for the purpose of healing it automatically brings us more present in the body. Just by showing up, allowing the music to heal, and the voice to open, there is a deeper connection to our own spirit which supports us in becoming more of who we are.

Whether your intention is to deepen your connection to self and others or to fulfill a dream of singing with a live professional band on stage, Breakthrough supports your transformation, starting right where you are. And you can have a lot of fun while you do it!

**Breakthrough regularly offers many levels of workshops including our 8 and 10 week courses which culminate in an exhilarating full stage production performance with exceptionally supportive musicians and audience. We also create specialized programs for corporations, small businesses, families or any group interested in a collaborative, creative, inspiring, team-building experience.**

No prior singing experience required.

“I want to sing like birds sing. Not worrying who hears or what they think.” ~Rumi~


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