Step into Courage, Speak your Truth, Find Your Voice and Express Yourself Fully.   This and MORE is
The Breakthrough Performance Workshop.

Come out of hiding and live your most passionate life!!!

A great fun, way to to Personal and Spiritual Growth.   To Find the Song in your Soul and Sing it.

BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP, founded in 1995,   is  a personal empowerment, therapeutic style program that supports you to live a fully expressed life and breakthrough lifelong fears that limit your life in countless ways through music and authentic singing.

When we begin to quiet the thoughts of self-doubt and criticism that hold us back and learn to sing joyously from the heart, miracles happen. We make connection with our inner selves and discover how truly amazing we are!

Breakthrough offers 1 1/2 hour intros, Free Your Voice One Day,  a Song of the Soul Weekend, and Open Mic Drop in Nights, 8 Week performance workshops

.   Also Private Sessions online


* Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth
* Moving from Shyness to Confidence
* Overcoming the Fear of Expressing Yourself
* Quieting the Voices of Your Inner Critic
* Releasing Old Stories about Unworthiness
* Opening to Joy and Happiness

What if you could break through life’s fears and limitations with a simple song?

Do you have a desire to grow spiritually and personally?  What if you could have a wild, fun, deep and powerful time doing Rock N Roll Therapy?

Our voice opens up unexpected pathways to the deepest resources of our soul. Fully expressed singing is a transformational doorway – whether we can carry a tune or not. And allows us to release pain and traumas from our past; it can be a surprising catalyst for cleansing and healing – and ultimately free our aliveness and joy.

In Breakthrough Performance, we coach each participant into a space of relaxed, fully expressed, liberated singing. It’s a different kind of singing, where we learn to let go and embrace the way we actually sound. We create a safe, powerful container so your voice can actually shift you on a cellular level; and lead you gently into the truth of who you are.  And from that place of depth and authenticity, you discover your creative spirit and authentic purpose.   And, it’s so much fun!

Breakthrough Performance Workshop will take you on a journey deeper into yourself using the vehicle of music and your voice.

Yes, YOUR voice – not the voice you think you should have – not the voice you think others will approve of – but YOUR voice – the voice you were born with — YOUR authentic sound. And by extension opening you up to more joy, presence, confidence, passion, aliveness and much more!

Breakthrough Performance has been transforming people’s lives for the past 25 years in San Francisco, Marin, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Portland, St. Pete, FL,  The Villages, FL, Boulder, Oahu and San Diego!!

If you love to sing… if you’re terrified of singing…. If you secretly want to sing but don’t think you can carry a tune…. …Breakthrough Performance can launch you into the next level – opening doors of possibility that you thought were locked & bolted shut. Everyone on this planet was meant to sing and be fully expressed. We each have a unique, authentic voice. Isn’t it time to unleash your power, liberate your voice, and discover the freedom of being you?

This workshop will allow you to step out of the box, break through fears, and overcome  self-limiting beliefs. It’s an adventure into self-discovery, creativity and hidden talent. Providing an opportunity to tap into and express your unique essence. Breakthrough is a safe and supportive space to free your spirit by using the voice as a doorway to more power, aliveness, passion and authenticity.  You will have a transformed experience of yourself. This eight week process prepares you for a shining moment, where you will emerge on stage performing with a live professional band, and supported by your fellow travelers and an exceptional audience.

Benefits reported by past participants include:

* Increased self-esteem, self-awareness and trust
* Experiencing more personal power and passion
* Deeper communication and intimacy
* Transformation of fear into courage
* Increase emotional intelligence
* Awareness and Release of the critical mind
* Greater authenticity and freedom to be
* Reduced anxiety and stress
* Expanded compassion for self and others
* Renewed passion for dreams

Breakthrough Performance Workshop uses a myriad of fun and unique modalities including music, vocal expression, movement, group support, and individual coaching. If you are intrigued and want to know more, come to one of our free introductions, or check out our next concert !